Monday, 27 April 2015

Tour of The Great War Exhibition

Today we joined the Masterton Marauders for a tour of The Great War Exhibition, hosted by the Armchair General himself, Rhys Jones.

As one of the painting teams for the Chunuk Bair project, the Marauders were also treated to a special preview of the diorama, although it won't be officially opened till Saturday. However, photos taken of this part of the tour are embargoed till Saturday, so we can't show the diorama here.

But on with the pics of the tour of the The Great War Exhibition itself.  This display concentrates on the First World War in general, particularly in Europe.

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to keep everything a surprise for an actual visit to the exhibition, view this posting no further! 

A sleepy Belgian village - the calm before the storm.

The Maginot Line.

Horses meet technology.

Last farewells.

Life in the trenches.

Trench diorama.

Trench diorama.

Tank crossing a German trench.


Looking inside the tank.

Technology - big guns, flight, camouflage ...

Colourised picture - no black-and-white photos allowed in this exhibition.

Maori haka.

Group photo.

On the move.

Horsing around.


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  1. It was a pleasure to be involved in this project. Thank you for the opportunity Roly, Rhys and Sir Peter.