Saturday 11 April 2015

One week till opening day!

Well, it's the home straight now!  One week exactly till the opening day of The Great War Exhibition, which includes our massive Chunuk Bair diorama.  Exciting!

During the week the diorama terrain was moved in blocks from Weta Workshop to its future home in the old Dominion Museum.

There's still a lot to be done, though, before the diorama is finished.  But fortunately Wellington region wargamers are rallying around to volunteer yet another weekend to do the final touches on this tremendous project.

This weekend the tasks that the team will be working on include:
  • sealing up the joins in the terrain and fixing any damages from the transport (mainly being done by the Weta crew)
  • doing any additional scenic work to cover over the joins
  • doing painting touch-ups to the figures
  • spraying dust on the boots and lower legs of the figures
  • varnishing the last lot of figures
  • further organisation of the figures into their groups for placement into the diorama
  • sticking the figures in.
That last task is so simple to say, yet it is going to take quite some organisation to stick 5000 figures all in their correct places on the 10m long diorama!  

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