Friday, 17 April 2015

Saying goodbye to the Perrys and co

Updated 11.02pm: Sorry for making a change, but the Prime Minister and Governor-General will now visit the diorama as part of their VIP tour, so the Perrys are needed until 12.30. We will have to push lunch back by an hour to 1 - 3 pm. I hope that still suits those who can come.

Unfortunately we have run out of evening occasions to socialise with Alan, Michael and Brian. They fly back to the UK on Sunday, and have other commitments tonight and tomorrow evening.

What we will arrange therefore is a lunch on Saturday as a last get-together for anyone who can come. Can you please pass out the message to your teams to join us if they can.

The location will be the usual place: Macs Brewery (near Te Papa) from 12 to 2 pm. They will only have a couple of hours before they have to get back to work, but please come by and have a drink and lunch.

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