Saturday, 11 April 2015

Live update 2: Anzac diorama working bee at Weta Workshop

Saturday 11 April, 1530hrs:  Afternoon tea time at Weta Workshop.  It's been a productive day, with hundreds of figures sorted, repaired, painted, touch-up, dusted, varnished ...

Everybody I've spoken to has been immensely positive about their experience in this project.  Whilst it is a sombre commemoration, the cooperative nature of the whole painting process has opened up communication between members of various clubs, between fantasy and history gamers, between painters and gamers, between club members and solo hobbyists.

By the way, keep an eye out on TV One.  Their film crew spent a considerable time with us this morning, filming the figures and interviewing several of the painters.  For non-NZ visitors, I hope to be able to put up a link to this television item once it is on their website.

Here are some photos of this afternoon's efforts at the Weta Workshop warehouse:

Yours truly and Armchair General lead the charge!  

A third painting table gets under way (though in this photo it looks like a very weird job interview!).

A happy camper (Scott Bowman from Kapiti).

A study in concentration.

Our youngest painter?  Mortimer Campbell takes an interest in the action.


  1. Hey there's Rob! What a wonderful day!

  2. Fantastic figures of Roly and Rhys! Truly life-like and a great way to honour the work you guys have done on this project.