Saturday 18 April 2015

Last day for the Perry twins on the Gallipoli diorama

Alan and Michael Perry have posted a few pictures onto their FaceBook page on this final day before they depart to return to the UK.

Today is the day when we gather in Wellington to say goodbye to Alan and Michael. Whilst they do have one more night in New Zealand, this is our last opportunity to see them because they're tied up with official events till they leave tomorrow.

It's been an absolute pleasure to have them here for the last couple of weeks. Considering the hours they've put in, and the stress they must've been under, they've remained calm and enthusiastic. Every wargamer I've spoken to has found them to be thoroughly nice guys.

The beauty and professionalism of their work, of course, goes without saying.  The sculptures are simply superb - beautifully animated and brought to life (or, sadly, brought to death in many cases). These figures are a true commemoration of the brave men of both sides, and what they went through a century ago.

Now is the hour to say goodbye.  We wish Alan and Michael safe travels back to their homes and loved ones, and hope to see them again one day.

Pö atarau
E moea iho nei
E haere ana
Koe ki pämamao

Haere rä
Ka hoki mai anö ...

On a moonlit night 
I see in a dream 
You going 
To a distant land 

But return again ...


  1. Well written Roly - considering the hours Alan and Michael have been working and the stress of getting he diorama finished, they have been always fun and approachable. They have made a lot of friends in NZ.

  2. Some give them a reason to return!