Friday, 17 April 2015

Our project in the 'New Zealand Herald'

Our project features in the New Zealand Herald today.
Sir Peter Jackson has re-created his most epic battle scene yet, with a giant Gallipoli diorama. Thousands of tiny toy soldiers have been made for the scene depicting one of New Zealand's most famous battles, Chunuk Bair. The vast lifelike diorama set up in Wellington's old Dominion Museum building will be unveiled to the public on Anzac Day. Read more
The article is illustrated by several pictures from this blog, which give a good impression of the painting quality and the amount of figures.

Our friends Alan and Michael Perry appear in one photo, along with another unknown individual who gate-crashed ;-)

Some of the pictures of Turkish figures in the article are mis-captioned as being Anzacs.

There's even the picture of yours truly (left) and Armchair General (right) in miniature - perhaps a little reminiscent of Baldrick and Blackadder!

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