Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A quick repair job

A few days ago, Mark posted a picture of some "New Zealand" casualties he had just finished - or so he thought.  Alan Perry (one of our UK sculpting duo) spotted that these were in fact British casualties that had been mis-labelled.  The British were supposed to be in tunics, not shirt-sleeve order - but this wasn't obvious just by looking at the bare metal models.  So as if he hadn't done enough, Mark has now repainted the shirts as khaki tunics, as seen above. Well done, that man!

Mark has also been busy with other figures, including these three Turkish officers, as well as a what appears to be Turkish infantryman running away without his weapon.

He has also painted these Turkish casualties.  In fact, this blofg is starting to look quite gruesome with all the casualty pics we are posting.  I suspect, with possibly 1000s of casualties, the finished diorama is really going to be an eye-opener on the wastage of war.

More info on Mark's Chasseur blog.

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