Tuesday 7 April 2015

Perry twins' portrait of me in miniature

The Perrys kindly sculpted this 54mm trench-digging New Zealander as ... er ... me, albeit in a much more heroic stance than I usually adopt.

I'm not sure if I've done the clever sculpting justice, not being a fine detail painter, but generally using a more impressionistic 'dry-brush and wash' technique.

I'm told the oldest Anzac soldier at Chunuk Bair was 53 years old, so I felt I could paint this figure with grey(ish) hair.  But if necessary I can use an ink-wash to darken it up before the figure is placed in the Gallipoli diorama.

I was really taken to be included amongst the Perry specials for this diorama.  But my wife slightly deflated my bubble when she asked why the Perrys 'hadn't sculpted my tummy'!   

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