Wednesday 22 April 2015

A special message from Alan and Michael Perry

We've received this message from Michael and Alan Perry, who have arrived back in Blighty, and are now just readjusting their brains for Salute. They say it's taking some adjusting!
Well, that was three weeks we'll always remember - actually four months we'll always remember! We had fantastic time over in Wellington and met a lot of amazing people we hadn't met before, as well as old friends.
We were staggered by the enthusiasm and drive of all the volunteers and the Weta team. We were very proud to be part of it. It was the hardest we've ever worked, well the most intense, continuous work we should say.
It's the biggest thing we've been involved in and it does look spectacular! That many figures in 28mm would be impressive, but in 54mm it takes your breath away.
There were a few times we thought it might not be ready in time, but we shouldn't have worried.
With the amount of foliage that had to go on (using up all of Peter's personal stock!) it took all the Weta team, the volunteers and our time to place, which cut down the time for placing figures.
So placing figures started on the Tuesday, a working day for the volunteers, so only three of us started to place the figures, with the looming prospect of the 6-foot glass being fitted around the model anytime. This would have made it very difficult to move around the terrain, not the easiest as it was, but to our relief the glass fitting was put back.
The small numbers placing the figures turned out well in the end. We needed to negotiate the terrain without treading on figures or newly added scenery, so people had to work in a sympathetic and considered way. Areas also had to be left for the electricians who needed to get to places where figures would be set to sort out the lighting. 
This must be a first in wargaming history, to get so many of a country's gamers involved in the same project... and what a project! You can be justly proud of yourselves! It was an honour to work with you.
We salute you!
..........talking of Salute........

Alan and Michael have also added some photos on their FaceBook page, depicting the amazing two-and-a-half times human-sized 'bigatures' in our brother exhibition at Te Papa.


  1. Great to get their feedback on this :)

  2. As a long time fan and painter of Alan and Michael's miniatures, the only regret I have is not being able to meet them while they were here. However, this excellent blog gave me a wonderful insight into the world of Weta and the fine gaming community in Wellington. I was with you in spirit. I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibition and diorama later this year.

    To those, including my friend Rob, who put in the tremendous work to complete the diorama in Wellington, the Waikato regiment of painters salutes you!

  3. Amen to that, Michael and Alan ! What an experience it was working on this diorama. A real pleasure meeting you and working with you. Wish I had more time to give to the project. The amount of goodwill and camaraderie this has raised amongst wargamers and painters in NZ is immeasurable. I can't wait to see the finished diorama. Will have to stand in a queue with the rest of Wellington though...

  4. Wow that is a thing of beauty! You both have out done yourselves!

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