Tuesday 14 April 2015

Map of Chunuk Bair

You might have noticed that the map that is used for the background of this blog includes the actual ground that our diorama depicts.

Our background is part of a map showing the Turkish and British trenches as known on 6 August 1915. [GSGS (Series) ; no. 2805]

The terrain around Chunk Bair was mapped by laser surveying, and the digital map was then used to guide the computer controlled lathe to shape large blocks of styrofoam.

High resolution scans of aerial photos taken in October 1915 reveal the remains of the New Zealand trenches, so these are positioned exactly as they were in August.

The angle of the ground in the diorama has been tilted up ever so slightly to allow viewers to see the trenches on top of Chunuk Bair.


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