Note: This page was set up in early 2015 to recruit painters for the project. With the diorama now completed and open to the public, this page has been kept for the interest of those who wish to see how the project took place from the very start.

When you have finished painting your figures, individually bubble wrap them to protect their paint job.

Your regional co-ordinator will pack them in a box for transporting back to Wellington via a Toll Logistics courier.  The co-ordinator has the details of the return address and the Toll contact details, and the cost will go onto my account, so you do not have to pay.

We have some preparation work before the figures are mounted on the diorama, and it would be preferable to do this on a drip-feed basis rather than all at the end of the process. Therefore please send your painted figures back in batches of about 60 - 80 whenever they are ready.

Thanks.  We look forward to seeing your work.

Armchair General

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