Friday, 10 April 2015

Last dash from Otago

Graham Johnston from Otago inherited figures #51-87 at the undercoat stage over Easter. With the tight deadline, he had to resort to dry brushing to finish more quickly. But he delivered them to be posted with the others late in the night. "Talk about sleep deprivation!" he commented.

However, the upside was that he got to work on quite a lot more model variations. "I have been amazed how full of character  each individual is," said Graham. "I've almost developed an empathy with my wee Turks having to charge up that hill. Those sculptings are amazing."

It also promoted Graham's interest in what happened after WW1 in Turkey. "That campaign was almost as formative for their country as it was for ours. No wonder the Turks were so friendly to Kiwis when we visited several decades ago."

"Thanks for the opportunity to work on this amazing project. I really look forward to seeing the final set up. Maybe I'll even play 'spot the Holly-dog assisted Turk' some time! Thank you, and now sleep for me!"

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