Sunday, 19 April 2015

Brigadier Johnston has been found

A few days ago we reported that the figure of Brigadier Johnston had gone AWOL.  Well, he was eventually located amongst a box of Turks.  However, this wasn't until after the Perrys had quickly sculpted another model of him, and Brian Smaller had finished painting this new version!

So Johnston Mk2 is the disconsolate brigadier in the diorama; whilst Johnston Mk 1 has been placed elsewhere as just another officer.  


  1. Well, good that the figure was found but I must admit I am disappointed that the unique figure I had painted had to be replaced. Shame.

  2. Your one is still in the diorama, McBeth. Just demoted, is all!

  3. your new task is to find Johnston Mk1 amongst the all lot!