Friday 17 April 2015

Missing in action - Brigadier Johnson

We have lost the figure of Brigadier Johnson.

He is in a sitting/lying pose with a water canteen, probably filled with something apart from water, and his hand over his face.  The figure is fully painted.

His figure did not have a peg, so was not stuck onto the polystyrene and therefore may have fallen off.

Could those who helped shift some of the figures to the Dominion Museum building please have a look in their cars or vans for the figure of Johnson. We are also checking any Weta vehicle that were used.

1 comment :

  1. Damn! that's the figure I had painted last Sunday out at the workshop. It had been finished and the boots dusted and was stuck in the polystyrene next to the other figures waiting to be varnished. I had marked underneath the figure with a vivid marker who he was.