Sunday 5 April 2015

Day 2 of assembly of giant Gallipoli diorama at Weta Workshop

The Wellington team has turned up in good numbers again to help with assembling the Gallipoli diorama.  Within the confidentiality strictures for our work at Weta, here are a few shots of what's going on today.

Michael Perry and Armchair General survey the ground.  Herman from Kapiti standing on the left. 

McBeth, Brian and Nick hard at work touching up and painting the last few figures. 

Paul (back) and Alex from Wellington were also involved in touching up.

I was really honoured when the Perrys modelled one of their figures on me! 

Nick concentrates on the fine touching up.

Brian got the task of painting the two Turkish standard bearers, and touched up many more figures.

Alan and Michael Perry confer with Sir Peter Jackson on the finer points of Turkish tactics.


  1. Just wow. Amazing once-in-a-lifetime hobby project.

  2. That would be a dream job. The diorama will be awesome. Roly, what a likeness!

  3. Not sure I want my name associated with touching up Turks :)