Monday, 6 April 2015

Photos from Day 1 of Gallipoli diorama assembly at Weta Workshop

You'll recall that on Day 1 of the diorama assembly process, I couldn't post any pictures because they were stuck on my camera without a cord to transfer them onto my computer.

Well, I've now got them on my computer. Below you'll see a selection of these pics.

Most of the photos I took will have to wait until the diorama is finally revealed, as they show too much of what is going on in the background (we are under strict confidentiality instructions).

After The Great War Exhibition is opened later this month, I'll put all my photos up on DropBox or similar, so anyone who wants copies can grab them from there.

Even simply unpacking thousands of figures took ages!

Alan and Michael appear to enjoy their work on Day 1 - will they be smiling as easily by the last day before opening?!

Michael examining the painting of the figures.

Terrain making in progress - it was good to have professional facilities for doing this.

Touching up and repairs.

More painting and touching up.  These guys were painting machines.

The Day 1 team.The background has been painted over for confidentiality reasons. 

Yep, they may be painted in different styles and shades - but en masse they look just great.


  1. This is like manna for the parched hordes of painters! These little titbits/tidbits of behind the scenes is most excellent. Love the piccies of the masses soldiers in their ranks!

  2. With 280 figures painted/repainted, I have had a major life realisation: the solution to every problem is Agrax Earthshade.


  3. Nice post, the last pic is really impressive!