Sunday, 29 March 2015

Valleyboy signs off ...

Valleyboy from Tauranga has just added a great posting on his blog, as he readies his troops for despatch to Wellington:
I must confess to feeling a little sad yesterday when the troops left.
There were however, no tears from sweethearts and family or cheers from supportive crowds as my contingent left for the front. No waving arms or hats were thrown into the air and the band band music was conspicuously absent as there wasn't a bandsman to be seen anywhere. No loud blasts from steam train whistles or ships horns were heard by the throng that had come to see them off from the quay as would have been the case then. No troops crammed in large numbers in small cabins and not one of them elbowed another or stood on his mate’s toes in  an effort to get in a last wave to those on the shore
No it was all bubble wrap and a box as my wife and I carefully wrapped each figure for its journey to Wellington with fingers crossed that too many rifles don’t get bent, paint doesn't rub off helmets or boots  and that arms fixed with Araldite prove to be strong enough ...  read the remainder of this posting
Well done, that man!

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