Sunday, 8 March 2015

Turks in fezzes

My turn, this time. Here are my latest completed figures - ten charging Turks, and ten (though only two shown here) casualties.

I used the Tamiya spray-paint method of putting on the two initial base-coats. I then dry-brushed these with  a lighter colour, and then slopped on either Earthshade or Sepia washes. Finally, another dry-brushing to catch the edges of the clothing. Simples!

The weapon was a challenge, as I am only used to painting muskets and older firearms. So I followed up a link that Steve had provided on the regional forums, which pointed to some useful pictures of the Ottoman Mauser M1903 rifle. I learned, for example, that the wood covers the barrel for part of its length.

I presumed the tall flat hats worn by six of my figures are the 'fez' that the Perrys mention in our Turkish painting guide, and which they suggest is painted red. I aimed for not so much a bright red, but more of a dark maroon colour.

Anyway, that now brings my total up to 30 figures completed, with just over three weeks left on our countdown timer to the painting deadline.



  1. Excellent job, Roly. That extra dry brushing really works. What's the deadline date to have these completed by? How many painted figures have been completed so far?

  2. Deadline date for painting all the figures is the end of this month. That'll give the Perrys and the Weta Workshop diorama team two-and-a-half weeks to put it all together.

    I haven't got the number of how many are done so far. But I would imagine that the bulk of them will come in as the deadline approaches.

  3. They look really good Roly. Got to be pleased with those.

  4. Hi Roly ,
    Lovely work. Done properly -with all those wonderful layers.

    The 'Red' fezzes were used as - off duty - hats . The Ottoman Army did have fezzes without tassels in a khaki shade for use on duty .

    References :

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    If you want a book showing the Gallipoli campaign from the Ottoman [ Turkish] perspective try : GALLIPOLI ,TGHE OTTOMAN CAMPAIGN by Edward J. Erickson PhD. Pen & Sword Books Ltd. 2010[ISBN : 978-1-84415-967-3]

    I went to ANZAC cove & Chunuk Bair on ANZAC day- April 2008 - what a blessing it would be to go there this year though !!!!

    I am also trying to capture Gallipoli in Diorama form for the Papatoetoe historical society - who are putting on a display in the Youthline building [ ...was the Papatoetoe Fire Station ] in Saint George Road Old Papatoetoe - for three weeks following the opening on 20th April 2015.
    If anyone in South Auckland is free to help me cut polystyrene ,or paint 1/72nd scale figures ,please contact me.

    Nick Papadopoulos.