Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Last Stretch

Last week I sent out the last of the big batches of figures.  When he is back from his trip north Roly will post the pictures that the Perrys have sent over showing these figures.  As you will see they have started sending the main character figures for the diorama, such as Lieutenant Colonel Malone (the subject of the book "No Better Death" that Roly previewed earlier) and the VC winner Cyril Bassett.  There is one more box to arrive, only a small one with mainly one-off figures.

With only a couple of weeks until Easter the final stretch for painting is here.  I know that after this long it feels like 3 pm on a Christmas day; having had the lunch, opened the presents and had a few glasses of alcohol time seems to drag and motivation to do anything is hard to generate.  At least with this painting you won't be treading on bits of the new lego set or frantically trying to find batteries in the third drawer down of the kitchen cupboards.

I have been steadily recieving figures back from around the country.  They look great and I don't think that a museum diorama anywhere in the world will have had the same amount of loving care put into all the figures to the extent that all of you have.  Well done, to you all.

Enjoy the last of the painting.

Armchair General.

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  1. It's been a weekend of activity with a neighborhood bollywood party, selling girl guide biscuits with the kids and plenty of painting. We are on the home stretch now. More boxes of miniatures coming your way this week!