Friday 27 March 2015

Last Turks from Bowman Towers

"Painting continues apace Bowman Towers," says Scott Bowman from Paraparaumu. "My last batch of Turks finished tonight... I got these done in just under a week... that's pretty damned quick for me, but I don't feel my butt has left the painting table... other than to sleep, and go to work!"

Scott has again gone with that 'on-campaign' mix of shades and tones.

That's 40 figures he has managed to get done so far now.  He now just needs to finish the ten New Zealand casualties he has left to do, and hopes to finish those over the weekend.

Scott is now taking a break for rest of tonight.  He has hired The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies on DVD for an evening's family viewing and a return trip to his beloved Middle-Earth:)

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