Tuesday 31 March 2015

Tony's Fernleafs on the South Canterbury Museum FaceBook page

An album of photos of the painting work by Tony Rippin has been put up on the South Canterbury Museum's FaceBook page. Here are some of the pics.

This picture provides some perspective. A running 54mm Fernleaf on the left. A WWII Charles De Gaulle figure (centre) is the size of the largest figure Tony normally paints (28mm), with a 15mm high French Volitiguer officer on the right.

A wounded Fernleaf. Tony remarks that painting casualties caused some discussion and introspection amongst a number of the painters involved across the country.

Here we see 39 of the Fernleafs that Tony has painted. What's that in the background? Well that's the basis of a topographical model of Gallipoli that Tony has also been building - this time for the South Canterbury Museum's upcoming exhibit "Into Hell Itself".

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