Wednesday 11 March 2015

Lego: the Anzacs at Gallipoli

After the surfeit of news yesterday, there has been nothing new today. So I have had to dip into my grab-bag of reserve items, and have come up with this video.

Now, at first thought you might think this video is a bit trite for a commemorative site. However, the use of Lego to my mind actually emphasises the needless waste of war.

Whilst there are a few historical glitches, the video does show some of the actual events and details surprisingly well - the dark and confused landing, the use of hand-thrown bombs, our New Zealanders at Chunuk Bair, the break-out from the tunnels at Lone Pine, the four suicidal charges of the dismounted Light Horse at the Nek, and the ingenuity of the evacuation.

It's actually very moving ...  

1 comment :

  1. Cool. Brings the conflict to the awareness of younger minds... I pinged the link to the kids...