Thursday 19 March 2015

An Australian Gallipoli diorama

The Australian National Maritime Museum features a diorama of another part of the Gallipoli campaign - the Royal Australian Navy Bridging Train at Suvla Bay.

As their website says:
One of the most popular parts of the War at Sea – The Navy in WWI exhibition is a wonderfully old-school diorama. It has no bells or whistles. You can’t swipe, touch or play with it — apart from a series of buttons that light up various sections. But everyone — even the ‘walk through’ visitor — stops and checks it out.
I think this too will be the attraction of our Chunuk Bair diorama when it opens in a month's time.

To see more pictures, and to read the story of the Royal Australian Navy Bridging Train, visit the Australian National Maritime Museum website.

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