Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Maoris, reserves and trench-diggers

Well, that's me done (unless there are any last minute tasks). I've painted 58 figures all up. The last were these New Zealanders.

Firstly, the Maori Contingent. These are the same ones I previewed a day or so ago, but they now have their faces highlighted and their shoes dusted up. I love these figures. They're my favourites of the whole project so far.

Secondly, some resting/reserve men, including a couple of very tired looking Auckland Mounted Rifles, recognisable by their brown leather bandoliers.

Finally, some infantry desperately digging a trench. I really like the bearded guy at the front left, and am pleased with how his blonde hair came out.

Overall, this has been a fantastic project. Besides the honour of painting these commemorative figures that will likely well out-live me, I have found it humbling to read the stories of the real Anzacs and Turks, of whom I knew very little about before this project. Brave, brave men on both sides.  

I've loved painting these 54mm figures, and think I might even find it hard going back to 28mm again! I found they painted very easily, and really came up well with the dry-brushing and wash technique I like to use.

And of course the Perrys' sculpture and animation are absolutely exquisite. In fact, most of their figures are, in my view, much better than the life-size war memorial statues you see around the country.  

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