Saturday 28 March 2015

A busy painting day in Kapiti

I joined Sam Campbell's painting group in Paraparaumu today.  To the background of movies like The Light Horsemen, with lots of yummy cookies on hand (no Anzac biscuits, though), and lots of talk about wargaming, WW1 tactics, painting techniques, online gaming and much more, the time sped by.

Having never taken part in a painting group, I was surprised how having company increased my normal rate of progress, so that I made a really good in-road into the group of Maori Contingent figures that were my task for the afternoon.

Mine host, Sam Campbell, obviously happy in his role as the Kapiti painting team's coordinator, and looking not even a tiny bit frazzled by the impending deadline.

Timon Lykles did a lot of the prep work for us, which he enjoys doing (fortunate for the others of us for whom this isn't the most enjoyable task).

Dave Oemcke showing what use can be put to an old TV dining tray.  

Fern Campbell engrossed in the task of painting loads of Nurgling Green webbing.

 Bruce Menzies showing you don't even need a desk for painting.

Yours truly (Roly). Also not the most ergonomic painting position, but nevertheless I sure did achieve results. 

There are yet more figs left to paint, so tomorrow will be another busy day for the Kapiti crew. 

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