Thursday, 5 March 2015

Blue shirts for New Zealanders

When painting New Zealanders wearing light-blue uniform shirts, Peter Jackson has asked if we can ensure the blue colour is toned down to a light gray-blue.

Some of the uniform shirts are coming through as too bright a blue (probably including the ones I myself painted).

They should be more like the guy on the right of this photo.  Note also the grubby white collar, which was part of the uniform shirt.


  1. could we please get some examples of what is/isn't aceptable?

  2. That might be a bit tricky, especially the way the colour blue is so hard to photograph.

    But the picture in the above posting gives several variations (the two guys on the right, and also the second and third from the left). They're all a sort of a light grey-blue, but vary in darkness.

    I painted mine with a sky-blue, but I now suspect it was too bright.