Saturday, 28 February 2015

My first Turks underway

There were no new submissions of painting pics from around the regions today, so I guess it's up to me this time!

After completing my first batch of Fernleafs (New Zealanders), yesterday I received two batches of Turks to paint - half living and half as casualties.

Assembly this time was a cinch, with the very well-designed square pegs attaching the arms positively and securely.

The bodies were cast in resin.  What was interesting was that someone had already done a repair job in GreenStuff on the left hand of every single figure. I presume something must have gone wrong with the casting process, and so the hands were replaced by hand-made hands!

I'm now at my favourite stage in the painting process, with the two Tamiya spray-coats completed, and awaiting the first proper brush-painting.

My mate Scott Bowman and myself are going to get together tomorrow at his place here in Paraparaumu to do some painting together (he has exactly the same batch as as I do).

Roly / 'Arteis'


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