Sunday, 22 February 2015

Another ten Turks

Here is Russell Briant's third batch of diorama figures, and his first Turks.

He is really impressed with the sculpts. Noble looking faces.

Russell says he is starting to get the hang of this wash then highlight technique that Aly has laid out. It certainly works at this scale and is proving a quick method that also gives very satisfactory results. He will be trying this technique for his smaller scale painting to see if it translates.

Here's a photo of Russell's living room painting set up in Wellington. It's not unusual to paint while watching (well mostly listening) TV, and he is enjoying all the cricket and rugby on at the moment.

These days he needs very good light to paint. There is a large adjacent window that gives good natural light during the day, six downlights in the roof above, and a magnifier light with a natural light bulb. He is yet to master the magnifying glass option, but guesses there will come a day he'll have to.

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