Sunday, 15 February 2015

Turks from Paraparaumu

Here are some superbly painted Turks from Scott Bowman in Paraparaumu.

One figure was missing a finger end, and it was too small to fix, so Scott thought about putting a blob of 'blood' on severed end...?

Scott's main motivation for taking part in this project is as an indirect thank you to Peter Jackson, and the Perrys (who have commissioned and produced these figures respectively) for their prior efforts in bringing Tolkien's world of Lord of the Rings to life.  If it hadn't been for Peter's movie trilogy, and the Perrys' sculpting of the range of GW figures, Scott says he would probably still be living in the UK! Nor would he have been able to enjoy playing LOTR SBG for all these years now.  So thank you Peter and the Perrys!


  1. Great stuff! Same here, if it wasn't for their amazing work I might not have got back into painting minis. I cunningly moved to NZ prior to the movies, but unfortunately was too short to be an elf and too tall to be a very happy to be involved in another PJ project :)

  2. I love 'em.
    What colour did you use for the leather belts and rifles?
    The jackets look very yellow - what colour were you using?

    1. Leather belts and straps were GW Mournfang Brown. Rifle was Foundry 14B Tan. Jackets were Foundry 7B Leather. I went off the right most uniform in the picture of real uniforms at bottom of the Painting Guides tab above, as that matched the sculpted belts with ammo pouches on the models. The trousers and hats I copied the uniform that was further left... and used Foundry 12b Drab.

  3. Superb painting on the Turks, Scott. I expect there will be some variety in colour. Yours look fantastic.

  4. Very very nice, what an excellent tribute!