Monday, 23 February 2015

Our deadline draws closer!

There was a big announcement today about the Anzac Week commemorations, including mention of The Great War Exhibition that our diorama is part of.

Seeing it written in black-and-white like that shows we're definitely drawing ever closer ...

Here's the excerpt from the above announcement about the The Great War Exhibition in particular: 

Saturday, April 18, also marks the opening of two landmark exhibitions in Wellington. The Great War Exhibition at the historic Dominion Museum behind the National War Memorial, and Gallipoli – The scale of our war, at Te Papa. The two exhibitions draw on the exceptional talents of Sir Peter Jackson and Wingnut Films, and Sir Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop respectively. 
The Great War Exhibition commemorates the significant part that New Zealand played in the First World War. Visitors will see how the war progressed and the challenge between technology and the human spirit. 

There's also more information about the Great War Exhibtion here in an older news release.


  1. Oh dear, 18th of April, I had in my mind the 25th... still waiting arrival of second batch of figures... no painting on this project for over a week now...

  2. And to add to the pressure, our deadline is the end of the month (see the countdown timer near the bottom of the right-hand sidebar). There has to be time left for the final assembly of the diorama.