Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Volunteer numbers have been reached

A message from the Armchair General:
Wow, thanks everyone for your enthusiasm to participate in this great project.  We now have a full quota of painters signed up, so Roly and I will be closing the registration of new painters.
We know that some of you have already joined the club groups, but haven't signed in. We still want to add your names so that we have the full record of who helped.
For those who have missed out, who knows, we may be able to persuade Peter Jackson to do a trench diorama from the Western Front for 2016 or 2017?  Let's cross our fingers.
With all you painters ready, waiting and eager, it's up to the Perrys and me to keep feeding you the figures. With the second batch, almost everyone will have some figures to paint.  The few who remain should be able to get some when the third batch arrives after the weekend.
Another milestone for the project is that the first painted figures are on their way back to me.  I'm really keen to see them and to show Peter Jackson the results of your work. Start sending them back when you are ready.  We'd love to see them.
I hope that you are all enjoying the painting and that this proves to be a great venture that raises our profile around New Zealand and the world, and that also creates a few more contacts for those wargamers who have not been connected before.
Thanks again everyone.

Armchair General

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