Thursday 12 February 2015

A Turk from Robert Curry

From the Hutt/Tawa crew, here's Robert Curry's first totally finished Turk, just waiting on a restock of Steel Legion Drab at the GW store.

The second batch in the background is already underway: tunics and half of their trousers done, and now on to the 'dreaded' puttees.


  1. Who knew the secret ingredients was Vegemite.

    Looking good.

  2. Looking awesome great job, and yes didn't you know Russel Vegemite
    Has many varied uses

  3. Thanks guys! And yeah, for years I was muddling around with Marmite until realising that the key to miniature painting is washing your brushes in Vegemite. Who knew?

    Just working on the second lot, will have them done at the Hutt Club tomorrow morning.