Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wanted - photos of painters in action

For the historical record of this project, it is important we get some photos of the people who are involved.

In one hundred years, when the 200th anniversary rolls round, historians will be just as interested in the wargamers who volunteered for this commemorative event, as in the figures we produced.

You'll see from previous postings that we have some good photos of our sculptors at work.  But we need a lot more of painters doing their thing.

So whether you're part of a group, or working on your lonesome, try to submit a photo of the painter(s) in action, to accompany pics of the figures themselves.

If you do send such photos, also please let us know if you're OK  with us using it for publicity.


  1. Nice idea. Perhaps there could be a 'mini bio' of each attached... a sort of 'service record', ... a background from all walks of life kind of thing? Much like the actual troops?