Saturday, 14 February 2015

What does this project mean to you?

I really liked this comment by Brian Smaller (well-known for his wargaming woolshed near Whanganui) in a posting on another forum:

I for one cannot build a monument on my own – I have neither the skill nor resources to do so, but I can take part in something like this. This piece of model work will outlive us all. My grandkid's children will look at this diorama and know that it was made by ordinary Kiwis, just like the guys it is commemorating were – ordinary Kiwis.

Brian's comment really struck a chord with me.  I feel this project is the pinnacle of my wargaming career, as I have no doubt these figures will long outlast my other wargaming armies a few generations on.

And, even more so, this project means so much more than my other wargaming figures, as it is specifically intended to commemorate those who went before us, both Kiwi and Turk.

OK, so my ancestors didn't even fight in WW1 (they were Dutch, and so were neutral).  But New Zealand is my home country, and this is its history, so I'm proud to have had this opportunity to join so many of my fellow Kiwis in this cooperative effort to commemorate those brave and tragic men on both sides at the battle of Chunuk Bair.

What does this project mean to you?  


  1. This project is my way of vicariously travelling to Gallipoli with my son in April when he attends the centenary celebrations as an NZ Youth Ambassador. It's also a nod to my father who fought on the Eastern front with the Austro-Hungarian army during WW1, being twice decorated for bravery.

  2. Hmmm..... great question.

    I wanted to be part of this as soon as I heard about the diorama project. And 'be part of' is a component - part of a wider group that is also setting out to something that is audacious in its scope - part of a group that includes mates.

    This is also a way to get involved in the centenary commemorations in a practical way, using skills I have.

    Also, a chance to paint a scale of figure I haven't painted before, sculpted by the Perry's who have already provided me lots of fun for many years and finally the opportunity to go and see the end product that will be fabulous with the Weta team involved.

    Something like that.