Wednesday, 25 February 2015

'Chunuk Bair' (1992) movie trailer

This is a fan trailer of the 1992 movie Chunuk Bair, which may help to give you some personality to the figures we're painting.

Chunuk Bair tells of the Wellington Battalion, who on 8 August 1915 briefly seized Chunuk Bair, a pivotal peak overlooking the Dardanelles; they suffered huge losses.

New Zealand On Screen says this film pitches the attack as a formative New Zealand nationhood moment, with Kiwi guts and resilience countered by inept, careless British generals, as much as their Turkish foes.

The movie was filmed on an Avalon set and on the Wainuiomata coast.  It was based on the play Once on Chunuk Bair (1982) by Maurice Shadbolt.

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