Friday 20 February 2015

Fifty shades of grey - and a bit of blue

Having been distracted setting up and maintaining this blog, I thought it was about time I dragged myself away from the computer and did my bit in painting figures for the diorama. So here they are, my Kiwis.

I found the whole process very enjoyable.  The larger size makes painting details so much easier, yet they are still sculpted in a style that suits my normal ink and dry-brush techniques that I use on my 28mm figures.

I've taken Peter Jackson's advice to heart, and painted the shirts various shades of grey (not 50, though!) and blue.

And I've also followed my own advice and taken a shot of me at work on these figures.



  1. A 'model' example ;) Your kiwis look great, this thing is going to look amazing when they all come together!

  2. Nice work Roly.

    That's another new figure pose I am seeing for the first time. Be good to know in due course how many different figure sculpts the Perry twins have producd for this project.

    Tidy painting set up as well.