Tuesday 12 May 2015

Police magazine features Chunuk Bair diorama

Odd though the connection may at first seem, the May issue of the New Zealand Police magazine Ten-One features a story on our Chunuk Bair diorama.

This story came about because your blog-master (ie me!) works for the Police. This month's issue of the internal Police magazine has a theme of Anzac Day, as police officers are always very much involved in these commemorations around the country.
You’ll have to look hard to find him, but Police National HQ Schools Advisor Roly Hermans has been transported in miniature into the thick of the battle for Chunuk Bair.
Roly was among an army of Kiwi wargaming enthusiasts recruited by film director Sir Peter Jackson to paint 5000 model soldiers for the huge battlefield diorama created for the Gallipoli centenary commemorations.  read more ...
So having a story about our diorama in a police magazine isn't really so 'out of left field' after all.

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