Monday, 11 May 2015

Amazing colourised photos of Gallipoli

On the walls around our Chunuk Bair diorama at The Great War Exhibition, there are two hundred colourised photos of the Gallipoli campaign.

Sir Peter Jackson, who led the exhibit project, said seeing World War I photos in colour removed a sort of "protective screen" between people of the past and the present.

"Once you're in colour, that 100 years starts evaporating."

Some images are haunting, some quirky, many just prosaic.

"They're just normal guys. They're just like us."

Here is a  selection of some of the photos from the exhibit, in no particular order.  These are reproduced here with permission of The Great War Exhibition.

Heading ashore towards Gallipoli.

Boat being towed ashore by a steam pinnace.

Turkish machine gun.

Coming ashore.

Lt Colonel W.G.Malone, commanding officer of the Wellington Battalion.

Detail of the above picture of Lt Col W.G. Malone sitting outside his dugout.

Australians charging at Gallipoli.

Turkish commanders.

Anzac soldiers at Gallipoli. 

Living conditions at Gallipoli.

Living accommodation.

Sniper's view of Turkish trenches - note the two Turkish periscopes on the right.

Turkish water spring.

Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick and Murphy the donkey.

Richard (Dick) Henderson and his donkey.

The beach.

Maori Contingent's redoubt at Gallipoli.

Changing the guard?

Quinn's Post after it has been renovated by Lt Col Malone's Wellington Battalion.

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  1. Any chance these colourised images will appear as a full set in hard copy at some stage?

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